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Before submitting check out the submission guidelines below and general guidelines for pattern writing.


Submission guidelines

VikingPLoP accepts papers containing patterns or pattern languages as well as experience reports and papers related to the theory and use of patterns. Papers submitted to VikingPLoP cover a wide range of subjects, from technical issues, like distributed machine control and JavaScript programming, to social and organizational issues. We expect that papers introduce novel patterns or reports the usage of patterns e.g. in the following topics

  • Embedded systems, distributed control systems, and other low level systems
  • Web applications, JS frameworks, artificial intelligence and data mining
  • Software design, architecture, management, and continuous deployment pipelines
  • Patterns covering commercial aspects
  • Human computer interaction (user interface aspects and novel modes of interaction)
  • Pedagogy and education (both professional training and classroom

The submitted papers should contain one or more patterns or report results from applying patterns. The papers should have up to 10 pages, but longer pattern sequences might be considered for inclusion. The final versions of the papers should be formatted according to the ACM single column template. For the conference version of the paper, less strict formatting is accepted. ACM single column templates are available on VikingPLoP website.

First-time pattern authors are especially welcomed to participate in the conference. All papers accepted for shepherding process will receive in-depth shepherding by an experienced pattern author before the conference. If any questions will arise, contact the conference chairs.

We also accept papers on the application of patterns in practice. The focus of these papers should be on applications of patterns in real-life settings as well as on systematizing the application of patterns. They should stimulate a general discussion on how to disseminate the patterns literature more widely in higher education and training.

Paper formatting

The accepted papers will be published in the ACM Digital Library which requires those papers to be formatted according to the ACM guidelines (single column format). ACM single column templates are available for Word and LaTeX:

Note that there are no requirements regarding your paper format for the drafts. This means that for the conference draft you can use the ACM format, or you can use any other format you like (some pattern authors prefer to use a format which is easier to read compared the the ACM format). However, for the final ACM proceedings, your paper has to be formatted according to the ACM guidelines.

Make sure that you have the copyright for the pictures used in your paper. Note that pictures with Creative Commons – Non commercial (CC-NC) license are not sufficient, because ACM is a commercial organization.