Here are the five Credos of VikingPLoP. Every conference in the series will be organized following these values.

The patterns are found, nurtured and spread by like-minded people.
Therefore: We build a community, our second family, on trust.

Being part of the community should be accessible for everyone.
Therefore: We shall keep the attendance threshold low, may it be for financial, cultural, personal or any other reasons.

You can’t appoint, buy or declare experience.
Therefore: We value the transparency of information and people’s skills and don’t care much about titles.

Small communities live to bigger ideals, but new members are needed for continuity.
Therefore: We want to introduce new blood into the community and share and respect the wisdom of our elders.

A patterns culture should not stagnate, but also not lose its roots.
Therefore: We are constantly on the move, but at the same time, treasure our best traditions. We learn from the past, but do not live there.

Svo eg rist (Hávámal)