VikingPLoP 2012 registration

Registratrion for the conference is now open here.

Please note that the registration site will give you a warning about the certificate as it is self-signed. However, the form is still secured with SSL, so it can be trusted.

The entrance fee for the conference is 450 € and it includes participation to the conference, lunches, coffees, restaurant dinners, banquet and evening drinks. There are two options for the accomodation: hotel or Boahtteáigi cabin. However, the accomodation in the cabin is not very comfortable and there are limited places available. The entrance fee does not cover the accomodation in a hotel. However, if you want to accomodate in the cabin, the entrance fee covers that. In the registration you should inform your preference and we will share the available places from the cabin by the first come, first served principle. If you choose to stay in the hotel, you should do the reservations by yourself.

Due to limited size of the venue, we may have to limit the number of the participants. Therefore, we prefer authors over non-authors.

Hotels in the area:
Hotel Kieppi (
Hotel Riekonlinna (